She's The One

Treyvon has everything, well almost everything. He's got the fast car, good city job, model looks - even a good sense of humour and yep - a body to die for. The only thing missing is that one special somebody. 

To find out why he's never been lucky in love he seeks help from a psychic and things start to look up when he meets someone who could be....the one! 

She's The One is a modern romantic comedy about finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

Kane Brown, Cindy Humphrey, Bradley Turner, Judi Love, Hakan Hassan, Verona Rose, Jessica Jane-Stafford, Fredi Nwaka, Justin Marosa  & Vanessa Feltz. 

Fredi Nwaka

Screen Writers:
Simon Battensby & Fredi Nwaka

UK | 2020 | 105 mins | 


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