This site was developed by Kush Films a leading independent Film Marketing/PR and Exhibition company to support access to virtual screenings for all film lovers, filmmakers, exhibitors and film distributors.

Kush Films for over two decades has worked diligently to create an exhibition platform for disadvantaged filmmakers and create public access to underrepresented films. We plan for MyScreen Hub to continue that legacy into the new virtual screening age.

MyScreen Hub is your personal screening room where you can organise private or public film screenings celebrate annual themed events (film festivals, International Women’s Month, BHM, Birthdays etc) and hold private cast and crew or film sales screenings.

Filmmakers – you can build you a microsite and incorporate a screening room, use us to manage private viewings and sales screenings of your film; you will be able to securely (password protected) invite cast/crew, a list of distributors, sales agents etc and personally monitor who has actually watched your film and when. Allowing you to follow-up and make sure those that haven’t watched; do watch. No more can agents, distributors etc tell you that they have watched your film when they haven’t. We provide a full back-end Admin interface system with email management that we can manage for you or you can manage yourself depending on your needs.

We are proud film industry people and piracy and copy right protection is high on our list of concerns and we and partner i2ic as standard provide the latest industry standard DRM copyright protections including burnt-in and dynamic watermarking keeping filmmakers intellectual property safe and secure.

We hope MyScreen Hub will help filmmakers realise their goals; allow exhibitors and other organisations to entertain their supporters and members of the public are able to celebrate special occasions with family, friends watching their favourite films.

We invite everyone to come and have a great time exhibiting, managing and watching fantastic film content on MyScreen Hub!

MyScreen Hub Team