Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my event?
You can find your event in two places; see the ‘Up-Coming Events’ section at the bottom of Home page or you can click on the ‘MyScreening’ link in the site top menu.

Q: How do I log in and gain access to watch the film?
Please enter the exact email address that you registered when purchasing your ticket from the event organiser and then also enter your received password; this will give you immediate access. Please enter the password exactly as it has been sent to you (with any lower or upper case caps).

Q: I have missed the start time can I still watch the film from the beginning?
Yes you can, all screenings generally have a 3 hour viewing window (unless we advise otherwise) meaning that if the screening start time is 6.30pm then you will have up until 9.29pm to restart film if you need to at any time during that 3 hour window.

Q: Can I change viewing devices once I have started watching a film?
Yes you can but we ask you to please remember to log off on the initial device and not have two devices logged on when you are only watching one.

Q: Can I get technical support from MyScreen Hub during the event?
If there are technical problems on our end we will be aware; most issues will generally be related to your device and internet connection and we recommend you always start there. We are work 10.00am – 8.00pm – after that there will be no one to offer general technical support.

Q: I have lost or forgotten my password
If you have lost or forgotten your password your first point of contact is the event organiser not us at MyScreen Hub. We will only seek to help if there is less than 1 hr to go before the start of your event and we will still first seek to contact the event organiser also on your behalf. You can send an email to: with Lost Password in ‘Subject heading’ and once we have verified that you are a legitimate ticket holder then we will send you a copy of the password. Please aim to sort out any password issues requests no later than 1 hr before the start of your event otherwise you may miss your event start time (you can still watch the film from the start but you will not be in-sync with others also attending your event).

Q: I haven't received any event confirmation instructions?
Your first point of contact is the event organiser not us at MyScreen Hub. We also advise that you check your email thoroughly first; including the ‘Spam’ section of your email account; if you still cannot find the final event Confirmation email which is normally sent out on the day of the event and will contain the log-in password then immediately contact your event organiser; if you are having trouble making contact then please send us an email and we will try to see if we can help. Please send an email to: with Name of Event and the word 'Support' in ‘Subject heading’ and once we have verified that you are a legitimate ticket holder then we will seek to help as best we can.

Q: I am getting an error message when I enter my email and password
Please make sure to enter your password correctly (exactly as sent to you), if you are having issues recognising a particular character then please just ‘Copy & Paste’ the password and add into the login box on your device, along with the email address that you registered in purchasing your ticket (please make sure to also tick and accept the Terms & Conditions box also).

Q: I have logged in to the site, pressed the ‘Play Film’ button but I cannot see the film playing or the film is buffering immediately and continuously?
We have found that some people are using outdated mobile devices to try to watch a film and sometimes they may just see a black screen when they press ‘Play Film’ – this could be because the mobile phone is been hindered and slowed down by a lack of memory (too much junk on phone) or even more so because the web browser (Samsung Internet, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc) been used on the device is outdated and needs updating – we suggest updating all web browsers on your device, login-out of our site and then closing that web browser that you are having issues with and try logging in back to our site with a different browser to see if the issues have been remedied and you can now view the film. Also make sure to check your internet connection; making sure that you have a good signal. We suggest disconnecting the wireless connection on your device and then reconnecting to see if you can get a better and stronger internet connection – also moving closer to the wireless adapter in your house may improve the internet signal and help playback of the video.

Q: I have purchased a ticket /been invited to attend an event who do I speak to about that event?
MyScreen Hub is not responsible for events organised by our partners. Please talk directly with your event organiser in regards to all aspects of the event that you wish to attend.

Q: Can I give my ticket away to someone else if I cannot attend my event?
We would ask you to NOT share confidential passwords & access details to our site with others who have not officially purchased a ticket or have been invited by the event organiser. If you cannot attend an event you should seek a refund from the event organiser if refunds are permissible through the platform where you purchased the ticket. (Anyone caught abusing this rule will receive a warning email from us; if it happens for a second time that person will be banned from accessing MyScreen Hub).

Q: How do I inquire about hiring a screening room at MyScreen Hub?
Please go to our ‘Hire Us’ page and fill out the contact form and we will respond within 24 hrs. If you have specific questions and feel that you would like to call us you can; but after we will still redirect you back to the ‘Hire Us’ Contact form so we have all the details correctly in written form.

Q: Who can hire MyScreen Hub
Anyone can hire our Screening Rooms for private, film industry, charitable and corporate events. I.e. we welcome film festivals, cast & crew screenings, distributor screenings, themed event screenings, private film-party screenings, local government or organisational group events. You can put on small or large events for 10 or 1000+ people.

Q: What facilities & protections do you offer for filmmakers?
Filmmakers can have a microsite built which will incorporate a screening room, can use the screening room to manage private viewings and sales screenings of their film; will be able to securely (password protected) invite cast/crew, film distributors, sales agents etc and personally monitor who has actually watched their film and when, which will allow filmmakers to follow-up engagement and make sure those that haven’t watched; do watch. No more can agents, distributors etc tell you that they have watched your film when they haven’t. We provide a full back-end Admin interface system with email management that we can manage for you or you can manage yourself depending on your needs.

We are proud film industry people and piracy and copy right protection is high on our list of concerns and we and partner i2ic as standard provide the latest industry standard DRM copyright protections including burnt-in and dynamic watermarking keeping filmmakers intellectual property safe and secure.

Q: Can I organise a film screening for an unlicensed film?
No – all films screened on our platform needs to have an official exhibition licence (a licence giving permission to screen is purchased for a fee from the film distributor/producer/owner of film) or if an independent film we need written permission from the filmmaker/producer.

Q: Does MyScreen Hub supply licensed films to screen?
No we do not supply film licenses directly ourselves. But we can source films for you by finding out who the distributor is, utilise our relationship with most distributors and negotiate a film licence deal for an agreed fee on your behalf and then pass the cost onto you (you will pay us and we pay the film distributor). *Note: if you are looking to charge for an event then the licence cost will be much higher than if you want to organise a free screening event, the number of people attending can also affect costs.

Q: What does it cost to acquire a public screening license for a film?
Costs can vary depending on film and distributor but can range from anywhere between £125 - £350 as a guide (could be higher for a brand new popular release).

Q: How does MyScreen Hub protect my private data?
Please read our Privacy and Cookie Policies. The only information that we collect and store is your email address which you use to log in. We do not share your private data with any third parties and always strive to keep all private consumer data secure under UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR) laws.